Living space harmonization - COMPLEX - “CONSTRUCT CUPOLA - DI”

Instructions for use


The “Construct Cupola - DI” technology is aimed at improving the Life Support System of people and their health improving in places of residence, taking into account the existing environment. The space that the radius of the Complex covers acquires harmony and protection from external influences, not only of a technogenic nature, but also isolates from other unwanted types of negative energy. For all this, the atmosphere of people’s interaction in the space of  DI Complex action (hereinafter referred to as the Complex) changes, there takes place a positive process of correction of the states of consciousness of people, the Brain development of  people in the sphere of the Cupola action, as well as the purification of water and food, which is very important nowadays, the Consciousness of Man is transforming to higher quality level of thinking, making up for the expenditure of energy of the emotional level. Being within the radius of the Cupola improves the harmonious human development, does not allow manifestation of aggression, and creates friendly atmosphere among people. All this has a very positive effect on people's health.


What is the Complex - “Construct Cupola-DI”?


First of all, it is a source of vital energy and constant protection of space, created according to the principle and on the basis of N. Levashov’s Generator, whose work has been tested for some years.

“Construct Cupola - DI” is a harmonious oasis, a zone of comfort carefully “created” by the Cupola, or rather, by the sphere created by the Generator within the radius from the center of its location. The Complex operates under the New “SvetL” Programs, specially created for it, taking into account the conducted experiment on the Cupola action by voluntary participants. The areas of application – a private house, apartment, office, classroom, store, etc. This is a multifunctional cluster that independently analyzes what is happening in the life support system of the territory in which it is located. The Generator is a quasi-living creature that, in addition to everything, can interact with the Brain of people in the area of ​​its action. The Complex functions through the “SvetL” Programs, which purposefully solve problems within the framework of the Human Life Support System according to the area of application for all people within the area of ​​the Complex operation, and IS ABLE to:


• Neutralize the negative effects of various electrical devices, as well as Wi-Fi, computers, phones and much more;

• Protect against the effects of geopathogenic zones;

• Protect from the negative effects of environmentally harmful materials, especially those used in the construction of houses and apartments;

• Protect from other objects and subjects of negative energy-information impact.

• Structurise and purify water in the area of ​​the Complex, reduces negative impact of chemical and GM food components in medicines and products, as well as all that in the area of ​​the Complex.

• “Regulate” and minimize the use (especially by children) of digital technologies, computer addiction and the so-called “network communication”.

• Ensures high-quality rest and sleep of people, relieving stresses received in the process of communication and much more that we consider negative in everyday life.

• The Cupola works especially well with those people who are already users of the “SvetL” Programs (Complex, Pendant, ‘SvetL” bracelet, SLN bracelet)

• The Cupola has a good effect on domestic animals, which become obedient, affectionate and virtually do not get sick.


The Health Improving Sessions taken from the site – https://prirodagizni.info/his/index.html  and other sites which have these Sessions from the specified site, become much more effective.


According to the first results of the Complex installation, we draw special attention of the users to the strict observance of the instructions for activation of the Complex. To touch the Complex with your hands before installing it on the site of primary activation IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!


IMPORTANT!!! Before you get the Complex out of the package, READ THE DIRECTION CAREFULLY!


• Check to ensure that the package is intact

• Carefully take the Construct in the protective bag.

• The main thing is not to touch the Construct with your hands before activation and do everything without taking out the Construct from the cellophane in the first stage.

• You can use rubber gloves - feel free to take out and unpack with gloves on until the end. Attention! The gloves should be rubber or disposable from cellophane, but not textile, leather or wool.


TO ACTIVATE the Cupola, you have to link it with the location of your object in which the Cupola is going to be “unfolded” through some material (stones, pebble) of natural origin in a specific location. Therefore, you need to have - either a house plant growing in a pot in the apartment for at least six months or some earth, pebbles (not cement, and other types of artificial origin) in a bag from an adjacent plot of land, but not at a distance more than 20 meters from the external walls of the house.


1. At home or in another place of installation of the Construct, the collected earth, pebbles, or moss put evenly on the bottom of the plate so that there are no uncovered areas, put the plate in the intended location of the Construct, taking into account that the radius of action initially is not more than 30 meters. (A longer radius is available on request).

2. On the prepared plate or in a pot with a house plant and earth, carefully install the Cupola with your hands in gloves or use the packing bag in such a way so that you do not touch the Construct with your hands, as mentioned above. To activate, the Cupola should be taken out of the packaging cellophane.

3. After this procedure, do not touch anything for 12 hours (preferably from evening to morning).

4. In 12 hours, the Generator itself will “fill in” (cover) the volume around your apartment (country house -  2–3-storey residential premises) and begin to work.

5. After that, you can take the Cupola with your hands and put it in any place convenient for YOU, but do it so that it does not interfere in your everyday life, does not attract excessive attention and there is no access to it for children, pets and other people. The pot with a plant or a plate with the earth, where the Construct was activated, can be removed (they are no longer needed). From this moment, the Construct can be taken by hands by any member of the family living in the apartment / house. You can cover the Construct with some kind of decorative cap, provided that this cap is not metal or aluminum foil. All other materials are acceptable.


It is possible that users of other “SvetL” Programs immediately after activating the Cupola may feel an “overload” (uncomfortable state), which may manifest itself as short-term indisposition, etc. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of the impact of the personal health Complex “SvetL” to at least 40% and keep this power for at least 5 days, then raise the power to no more than 10% a day to the required level. Bracelets and pendants just need to be taken off and put close to the place of sleeping for 2 - 3 days. After this time, put them on and continue to use.




• TRANSFER of the Construct to another apartment / house in which the primary activation was not performed - UNACCEPTABLE. The generator will cut down and will not work. It will be necessary then to remove the generator and install a new one.

• The Generator is equipped with a personal Set of Programs for the USA, depending on the region (state) of installation. The linking and installation of the "Cupola-DI" in an apartment or house has the addition to the "regular" Generator Programs, depending on the demand and expediency. This is agreed upon before sending the Complex to the recipient. Therefore, when ordering, exact coordinates are required: the plan of the apartment and house on the map indicating the location of the Complex installation and the designation of the apartment (house) premises - kitchen, bedroom, toilet, nursery, etc.) Indication of the age and gender of the living adults and children in the apartment ( house) IS MANDATORY!

• Keeping a diary of observations with the first detailed record of how and where the Complex was activated and installed IS DESIRED!



All users of the Complex Cupola-DI, of all the “SvetL” Complexes (in any of their variants) should understand one thing - this Technology, in our worldly understanding, Grants the most valuable for Human being - TIME!