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What is karma? Why does a person need to work it out? Who determines if I made good or bad karma?

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2.24.Question: What is karma? Why does a person need to work it out? Who determines if I made good or bad karma? I'm sure that I'm doing everything right.

Answer: Again, these are distortions that Indians brought to the world. In the 2nd volume of "Soul and Mind" is a chapter, "Anatomy of sin or the nature of karma", where I describe what karma really is.

As a matter of fact, karma is any action that you take that leaves a mark on your genetics, and on your essence (soul).

Therefore, depending on what kind of action it is, its significance, and its scale, this mark can be large and strong, or insignificant.

Any action [you take], everything that you do, everything that you even think, all these affect you.

Whether or to ‘work out’ one’s karma is not the right question. I will give an example so that it would be clear to understand what it really means to ‘work out’ one’s karma.

For example, in a past life or in this life, a man killed another man, either intentionally or unintentionally. Naturally, that left an imprint.

[For the murdered] this means that the essence [soul] of that person has not completed its evolutionary path on Earth, i.e. in most cases a person never realizes their potential because social parasites have created such a system that a person can never reach the level of development from which they can progress forward. This is done deliberately, but there is a possibility [to progress].

If you killed a person, then you deprived him of this opportunity.

Maybe he would never have implemented it in his life. Perhaps he would have squandered everything, but while he was alive, he had such an opportunity. But having killed him, you took away this opportunity.

In order to remove the traces of karma, the traces of your crime in this action, you need to find the soul of the person you killed and compensate him evolutionarily, to the maximum extent possible that he could have accomplished himself, if he had succeeded in realising his potential to the full.

Only then would you would be able to remove the imprint of the murder from yourself. The higher the possibilities of the person you killed, the stronger the imprint.

If [according] to his capabilities he could have realised himself up to a value of 100 units, and when you killed him, he had implemented only 10 units, then you have to compensate him for 90 unrealised units.

To do this you need to know how to develop the essence [soul] and you will need to have particular characteristics and qualities.

If you don’t know how to do it and are just engaged in wishful thinking, "Oh, I want his soul to evolve to that point", then nothing will happen.

In order to develop [the person], it is necessary to really change their essence [soul] in a qualitative way, to move it evolutionarily from point A to point B, which they could have achieved if they had developed properly and reached the level that they could have achieved. Then karma will have been removed.

And now tell me, is something like this mentioned in those teachings that are imposed [on us], about the need to work out karma?

Unfortunately not every person, even if they have understood that they have created a negative, can do it.

Because a person needs a certain level of development so that they can evolutionarily develop the essence [soul] of another person.

But if a person has committed a crime, intentionally or unintentionally, and has sincerely repented of it, and understood what is at stake, is all hope for them lost?

Not exactly, because if you continue to act rightfully, then you begin to gradually compensate, neutralize, counterbalance the negative that you did.

Then will come a time when there will be a neutralization of the negative, but this, of course, is very much harder [to achieve].

In another words, by a person’s own deeds, through their own work which can move others forward evolutionarily.

But for this it is necessary to know what actions lead to an evolutionary step forward, and which actions do not, and are just vain talk.

Because you can beat yourself on the chest, you can scourge yourself, as some do, repent of all one’s own sins, and those of others, and this will change nothing.

Only actions, and deeds done for the wider good, done not for yourself personally, but for others, when you do something, sacrifice yourself, sacrifice your interests, then you can create something really positive that can neutralize even the negative.

That is, when acting for creation, being a creator, helping others (and not parasites, of course), doing positive things, then a person will change, and this change will gradually restore balance and some things can be fully neutralized, i.e. the pluses and minuses neutralize each other.

What happens to minus 5 if you add 5? A zero.

The opportunity will also arise to earn more plus units, but once again, for this a person must understand what actions lead to what outcome and take responsibility for each of their actions.

If all this follows, then everything will be all right. Whether faster or slower will depend on the situation, or on different factors. None the less, all this is possible.


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  • https://youtu.be/fIH1J8ldcl8 Before I receive your questions, I'd like to read out some amusing things that sometimes arrive at my website. There aren’t that many funny ones, but here are some that are so amusing that I just decided all the same that we could have a little laugh together. They sent me a message like this - a letter from the Archangel Michael. You see, you are already laughing: "To Nikolai Levashov, and then a letter from Archangel Michael." – «Hello, Nikolai!»! N.L. - Hello, Archangel Michael! – «I know that you have decided ... to write to you ... I have many names». N.L. - That is, I want to tell you a bit about who I am. Well, literacy is of course at quite a high level, right? – «In the human history of RA, Jesus Christ, Radomir, Vladimir - Krasno Solnyshko, Archangel Michael, I am the head of the security service of the Lord God». N.L. – How do you like that? That is to say, its complete nonsense. He doesn’t even understand what he is writing. Well, never mind. The main thing is that he is the Head of the security service of the Lord God. If the Lord God has such a head of security, it is understandable why such miserable affairs occur on our planet. I read further. - «the head of God's security from the universe which you people call the heavenly universe where some people end up after their body ceases to function. I am now in Moscow in a human body, and I have quantum vision!” N.V. - " Well, what do you know. He used a scientific term! He knows what quantum vision is. N.L. – If he had just called quantum vision, the radiation of light. Everybody sees light. All of us have quantum vision, for that matter. But he really did make it sound grand - Quantum Vision! It sounds deep and thorough, penetrating to the depths of the soul. Wow! - «And I can also see electro-magnetic radiation at any range of the spectrum.». N.L. - Electro-magnetic radiation." Well, I never! - «I can control the weather on the planet and so on, but in truth, I'm the Red Star! The red star is a ball 4 cm in diameter.» N.L. – Well, actually a red star, with all the will in the world, never was and never could be 4 cm. But it’s also clear; what a great expert in astronomy and astrophysics. - «And divine light comes me. I hide the light because I could not live among people if I was shining like a huge lamp». N.L. – Well, a 4 cm red star cannot shine at all. Much larger diameter red stars are already dead stars. Red stars are the star's phase before death. This is according to astronomy. The blue giant is a young star, the red star is dead already, a dying star. And he does not even understand this. I just couldn’t help but share such a piece of work!. - «I have been fighting with the black and horned for several years now!" Those who lead Russia. The black and the horned can also be in the bodies of humans, just like us - Angels!”»! N.L. – He's an Archangel, isn’t he? - «It's like flying. They're all in Moscow. Vladimir Putin is not a man. He is evil. And he will be destroyed along with his black horned team, and you, too, are part of this team!» N.L. – Well, how interesting! And I didn’t know yet. We must lodge a complaint. How can this be? I'm on the team, but I don’t even know. - «Over Moscow there were my pyramids!» N.L. – The black pyramids are from those who are black. But isn’t he white? - «They were undercover agents! Your universe is black!» Н.В. – Our universe is black!" Like this! - «... and flat. The universe is flat. It is approaching its final days. And it curls up, just like a scroll. Read the theory of super strings, you ‘know all’!» N.L. – This him talking to me now. It turns out he’s read the theory of super strings, not knowing that this is complete rubbsh and has nothing to do with reality. - «I often go outside my body with my sister to fight the black forces who are everywhere. In the government, in special services. My daughter, Daniela, made a video when we were outside of our bodies, and how we fly. She has uploaded the video on YouTube and named it "Only love will save this world - Daniela." On the video, my sister and I take off from our balcony in Moscow and frighten our cat - Filya.». N.L. – You see, you laugh. Everyone’s woken up at once! - «Yes, my sister's name is Arantha. Have a look. It’s an entertaining video. Now comes the most important thing. In any event, black hog, you'll be destroyed; but I can speed it up. If you don’t shut your mouth black hog, I'll cut your throat out of pure humanity. With love, Archangel Michael.». I got a lot of such idiotic letters. But this one is out of the ordinary. The funny thing is that he's an illiterate person in everything. In all fairy tales, the cat shies away from what? From evil spirits. I didn’t make up this ignoramus. I can’t call it anything else. He doesn’t even understand what he is writing and who he actually is. If a cat feels a good quality energy, it does not shy away from it. On the contrary, she rushes to it. I often had to help people. During such work, cats immediately start rushing in, as if a stream. Then the person leaves, and they lie down on that spot and start to enjoy which is left over. But when the cat shies away, this indicates that the energy is negative and the cat, being an animal, "loves" all evil spirits. In his opinion, the highest achievement is leaving one’s body. Here he comes out of his body, walks somewhere and returns. The cat shies away - this is the highest achievement that he is capable of. I am sorry for such people. Because, such people, who don’t know ‘two times two’, start falling into traps. See also Archangel Michael, and Yahweh, and Christ, and Vladimir - Krasno Solnyshko. They completely fail to understand what stands behind it. Every word is full of ignorance. In regard to quantum vision, it's also understandable. I liked it. It's very cool - quantum vision. It turns out that it is a special privilege to have quantum vision. It turns out that all the ‘sighted’ are Archangels already. It turns out that you are all Archangels. Only unlikely to be Michael. Michael is already taken. Sometimes such funny letters arrive. But most of the letters are in truth, normal, from people who have actually read my books, and many aspects of the books help them.
  • https://youtu.be/wu-XtuDNuBc Here is another amusing letter that arrived. It is evident that a person recently read "Russia" and writes: "The answer is from the Protestant-reformist branch of the church. N.L. "That is, the person who wrote, is a Protestant. And some sort of reformer as well." "I just started to read your book. The words of the Dravidians and the Nagas were never related to the words “...they were naked, Adam and his wife, and were not ashamed of this in all respects”. It is clear why the church is so unhappy. For myself I can add that it's time to go back to learning the basics of language, ancient Aramaic, ancient Jewish, Greek and Russian. Question: What do you imagine the word ‘naga’ to be about? (The text in the original document is in ancient Hebrew ) The word ‘naga’ is only a translation from ancient Hebrew". And signed, Ilya. ANSWER: Again, you read and you marvel at the ignorance of people. The fact is that the Dravidians and Nagas are ancient tribes who lived in India much earlier than the Jews appeared. Even in those books that were written several years ago. "If you are a Jew," they brought them to me, and I read them. So, in this book they themselves write that the appearance of the Jews as a people occurred around 4,500 years ago. That is to say, before that there was no one at all!? But our ancestors arrived in ancient India, where the Dravidians and Nagas lived much earlier. Not to mention the fact that on the territory of Russia the Slavic-Aryan state existed for more than 100,000 years. This is the first point. The second point is, Nagi is the name of tribes, so a translation is not necessary, and it was written at that time in Russian. So, first there was Russian, and then there was an ancient Jewish one, which was translated from the Russian. By the way, Academician Chudinov deciphered one ancient Jewish engraving, which shows how the talking bush conveys the tablets to Moses. Supposedy, arms hung out down nowhere and gave him the tablets. But if you simply turn the tables back the other way, not down, but up, that is what Chudinov. Do you know what language it was written in? In Russian, with Russian letters. Because, all the alphabets came from that ancient alphabet, which could not be called Russian at that time, because those who flew to our planet did not call themselves the Russ or Slavs, and so on. There were other names, but the language was the very one in which we are talking with you now. And it really is very ancient, at least research has shown that at the subconscious level the brain of any person (European) reacts specifically to Russian words. It is laid down at the genetic level, and not in their own native language. At the inaugural congress of the movement which we held, a fragment was specially shown. Studies have shown that people of any nationality (of the white race) reacted to the (Russian) word for "dog" (dog). And yet such a reaction is not to be expected. But the most intriguing thing is that the Greek Aramaic language arose much, much later. And that's why when in the Bible, in the Old Testament it is written "nagi" in that sense, with a small letter, as if naked, everyone who reads understands it that way. Regardless of what language it is written. Therefore, when people shout about something, if they read the book that is now banned, then they should remember that I'm actually deciphering where this understanding arose from, that on the contrary, it is really not connected with nudity. That is, the person didn’t even read a thing. He stumbled upon some word that didn’t suit him, and began to criticize. Most who criticize my books, when their opponent asks, did you read the books? – No, we didn’t – So what are you criticizing? – But we heard! – What did you hear? – Someone told us. Therefore, concerning the antiquity of the language we are talking about, it is confirmed by a lot of research. All European languages belong to the group of Indo-European languages. But I always said this: "Indo-European languages originated in Ancient India. Question. Is there a people living in India, or was there ever a people living in India who spoke such a language? And after careful searching you will find that there has never been such a people there. But when the Slavic-Aryans arrived (the last migration was 2500 years BC), their (Indian) elite began to speak in Russian. And this is not my research, but that of other researchers, in which it is stated that 70% of Sanskrit words, namely ancient Sanskrit, is 100% Russian. There are 2 Sanskrit languages. I didn’t know this either until recently. There is an Ancient Sanskrit, and there is a modern-new Sanskrit. The new one has already been changed a lot. And it is specifically the ancient Sanskrit that is is 100% Russian language. 70% of the words still exist in modern (Russian) language and in that (other). The only difference can be due to what began to be forced on us in the 20th century; that ‘kArova’ should be written as ‘kOrova’ (cow). And in the Sanskrit kArova is ‘karova’. But it does not matter how we write, we do not say ‘KOROVA’. Everyone says to kArova. And what is most interesting, Hindus who know ancient Sanskrit and travel to Russia, especially (to) the northern dialect (region), the European part, the Arkhangelsk region, are amazed because even the dialect corresponds to the memory that was imprinted in them from those times. Perhaps someone has already read "The Tale of the Clear Falcon. Past and Present", in which I analyse and show that ‘Nastenka’, moving from planet to planet (of course, she moved around the planets from the conclave of white civilizations that created this colony) can understand everyone without problem. What does this say? It suggests that the language was the very same for communication. That is, all the civilizations that participated in the creation of the colony on Earth once spoke the same language. This language was Russian. Only it was not called Russian then. The important thing is not the name. Why did they begin to call it the ‘Russian’ language? From the name of one of the princes, whose name was – ‘Rus’. Just as the Scythians were called Scythians because the name of their prince was ‘Scyth’. They said, “ We are people of Scyth” and so they were called Scythians. Sarmats, Prince Sarmat, Sarmats. These are not different tribes. I am amazed by the naivety of official historians who say, "The numerous tribes of Scythians ... of Sarmats, and so on, disappeared without a trace. No culture or burial grounds, nothing remains”. They haven’t disappeared anywhere. They exist! Because Sarmats and Scythians, and so on, are the very same Rus! It is just by birth that they were separated and carried their original names, being the names of their princes. That is to say, no one has disappeared anywhere! They live on, and they live in those places where they lived thousands of years ago. But why then do official historians somehow react strangely to this this. Large groups of peoples disappeared without a trace. Nobody defeated them, nobody destroyed them, and they have not gone anywhere. For some reason, everyone engaged in history is writing about the Bulgarians. That the Bulgarians were forced out from the Volga, left, settled and mixed with the Southern Slavs, and formed Bulgaria. Hungary is of the Finno-Ugric tribes. They were forced out too, and they left for central Europe and created their own Hungarian state there. For some reason everyone is talking about this! But where did the Scythians, Sarmats, Kermites and so on go? Many other tribes that are no longer there? Yes, they didn’t go anywhere! It is just that over time, their original name dissappeared and they began to be called not according to some prince, who ruled that area, but a generalised national name. That's all there is to it! The level of education is always amazing. Here are 2 cases I cited, the first of course is stunning. I don’t know the ancient Hebrew language, did not learn it (in principle there is no need). What for? If I had studied the Hebrew language and translated the Torah, for example, what would they have told me? I would have been accused of distorting the meaning. Therefore, it is better to take the Torah, which was translated by a Jew, and on which the chief rabbi put his seal, "I authorise it!" That is, everything is right there, and no one will say that I'm distorting something there. And besides, why should I study those languages when there are specialists who can professionally do it. There are more important things to do. If I translated it myself, I would be accused of translating incorrectly because I don’t know the language. Therefore, the very best defence against such attacks is to rely on what they themselves translated and asserted. Then no one can say that (he) distorted something of the essence. And that they confirmed, and cannot refute, that they have a Chief Rabbi who turns out to be an extremist. They will not say that he affirmed this. I recently had a meeting-come-interrogation with the investigator, for the fifth time trying to bring a criminal case, although for the fifth time it did not happen. So, I told him. Yes! I submit to the decision of the court, but this does not mean that I agree. The struggle will continue, because the book is not extremist because from my point of view, this book is anti-extremist because in this book I expose the super-Nazism, the super extremism that is reflected in the Torah. And these are not just words. If you read the Torah, the quotes that I cited in the book are 100% accurately transposed from the book (Torah), completely show who is really an extremist. Therefore, with regards to the book, it does not mean that everyone has calmed down, that everyone has raised their arms in surrender. I for one, will never give up! And the struggle for the book continues. Although they have temporarily had a victory, and not because they won a victory, but because the judges got an instruction. They did not care what arguments and facts were presented. They acted pure and simply in accordance with the instruction that was given. It is not necessary to explain about when an order is given. You also have probably faced such situations more than once and heard about them. 'Our court is the most humane court in the world! The most just and humane!' Remember, in the film “Caucasian captive”? In Soviet times that was the case too. But what pleases, and you have probably heard, that an unusual form of revenge may occur. The order came from the Prosecutor General’s office. Do you remember the recent event that was distorted, near Moscow? The Deputy Prosecturo General has already been temporarily suspended. And now the Prosecutor General is being asked to explain. That is to say, there are very interesting contacts arising in the prosecutor's office. In principle, with a criminal business. And this has already been revealed to the public. They could not hide, which makes me happy too. So, what sort of ‘good’ General Prosecutor's office do we really have at the present time?
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