2 окт. 2018 г.

Is it true that they are going sell medicines and water that have been energised by you, or will it just to discredit and use you?

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1.18.Question: Is it true that they are going sell medicines and water that have been energised by you, or will it just to discredit and use you?

Answer: I don't anything about it yet. Maybe water is for sale but I don’t know anything about it. Why would I want to work on medicines if I always explained that that medicinal drugs are poison. There is not a single drug in existence which is not a poison. If needed, there is no better medicine than simple clean water. It’s complete nonsense to talk about energising a medicinal drug.


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  • https://youtu.be/43Y1XF8E4F8 1.24.Question: Is it true that biolocation, working with a frame or pendulum, is a conversation with the subconscious? Answer: It is true. You can work with a frame or pendulum when you can't get information at the conscious level but it becomes possible with a a frame or pendulum, but even then it should be done correctly. The question needs to be formed correctly. If you form the question incorrectly, the answer may be wrong. It is very important to form the problem correctly, so as to be able to consciously visualize, from the subconscious, with the help of the frame, the correct answer to the required question. Therefore, if properly done, a simple frame or pendulum can be very helpful. For many people it is very difficult to see or get information, or they receive without understanding. For example, a person has lost an expensive item somewhere in their apartment. “Where in the apartment is the lost item?” No, you won’t get answer this way. You need to draw a plan of the flat broken into certain numbered squares; the first, second, fifth, tenth. It doesn’t have to be an apartment, it can be anything, even the ocean. Now set the task - in which of these squares is the item located, and where the item is, the arrow should deflect in one or the other direction. If you scan across all sectors and can’t find it anywhere it means its not there or you're not doing it correctly. Or in a particular sector, you have a deflected arrow. You now have a particular square. However, this square can also be large. You continue to divide the square further. And gradually you narrow down your search further and further. Finally, you can come to a point where you just come and pick it up from a place that you identified. But if you are going to run around superficialy with the frame, you'll get little result.. I'm not talking theoretically, but about a practical approach. One of my patients had lived on a friend’s yacht, which was fitted out like a home. She had lost a ring, not expensive, but valuable to her as a gift. I asked her to bring me a picture of the boat, her home . She brought out a hand made sketch. I didn't need a frame, rather I searched by a different method. I looked at one place - no. Looked across a second time, and there was place there. I searched across again, and marked a cross, there, on the exact location. She said “I searched there” I said “Go search and you will find it there”. She found it there, where I said. Again, just a simple scanning. For various items, with the help of a frame, no matter which method is used. You can identify a place, a point, withing an accuracy of one millimeter. I did experiments in the United States when I was asked to determine areas of soil contamination. I worked out the area of contamination with a degree of accuracy equivalent to one molecule of toxin per million of normal molecules. In other words, I could find one molecule of toxin among the million of non-toxic. It took me a few seconds. It took several months to do it using technology. While scanning, I was drawing the contours of how the toxins were distributed without thinking about it. They said to me, “You have even sketched how the groundwater spreads the toxins”. If you correctly know how, and what, you can achieve a lot. And I didn't have to run around the area. I needed a drawing, or a photograph, or map. I just connect the map or picture with reality. And the same with a photograph. But those who can’t do directly, a frame or pendulum can do the same. But again, it is important to correctly outline the problem and how and what needs to be done.
  • https://youtu.be/QqIEXAzA4h8 1.23.Question: What happens to atoms at minus 273? Answer: Nothing special. Just the movement is slower than at higher temperatures. Nothing else happens. The atoms do not disappear and they don't collapse in on themselves. They stay the same as they were before. That's all. Like, now outside on the street its -15C. Does anything happen to your atoms when you go outside? Do you change, do you grow horns, hooves or fur? You just start feel your limbs are getting cold due to the narrowing of blood vessels. You can warm yourself up but nothing is happening with the atoms themselves. They don't change their shape and there is no change to what the atoms are made of.
  • https://youtu.be/3DnmAbH3vhQ 1.22.Question: Is the development of civilization possible without interaction with dark forces? Answer: Of course development is possible. Without dark forces it would have been better, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. Some of our long ago civilisations, of our ancestors, those who transported us here, had been developing long ago without evil, but encountered them on beyond the frontiers. And because of this it turned them into naïve gullible creatures whom the parasites could easily deceive and cheat. I'm not saying that you have to be nasty and distrustful, etc. But it is always necessary to understand that dark forces are always dark, that they exist and think differently from us. How do most people think? “If I don’t do it, then the other person's won't do it either. If I don't go out to kill someone, then hey won't come to kill me. Isn't that the way it is? But very often it does not mean that if you don't kill someone, they won't kill you. This doesn't mean that I have to kill someone, but I have to allow for the possibility that the other does not think the same. There are no need to project your own way of thinking on to everyone else. You just need to be more careful. Also, dark forces help one to develop. I can’t speak for everyone and everything, but personally, in my case, they helped me to develop quite quickly, even in the course of one life time. However, at the same time they tried to get rid of me many times. I managed to survive, had victories and dealt with them. But if it was not for this, I don't know how long it would have taken me to deal with those things because my "friends and comrades" tried to destroy me. Therefore, to some degree, it was necessary. However, the question is whether or not everyone needs to go through what I went through? I think not. Its best that if someone has already gone through it, so that pesron was given a different understanding. So that he understands what, and how to do things the right way. To share his experience and understanding so that that it penetrates inside others and becomes clear to them. And of course, even the experience of others becomes one's own through understanding and comprehension. It will help many people. Well, but those who want to go through it - go for it.
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