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Our Health and the working principle of the “SvetL” Complex

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The rich experience in integrated healing gained by people over many centuries, as well as the practice of its continuous improvement in all of it’s multi-directional organisational and other forms, are all combined together in a distinct sphere of human activity on the planet called "Medicine". Anxiety about the degree of perfection of such an important sphere of the life of society has always been at the forefront of people's attention. But in order to understand this, it’s necessary to get to grips with one’s own knowledge and understanding of what is happening, including in medicine.


Knowledge and understanding - are necessary to overcome almost all of humankind’s existing problems. We are becoming the creators of our own fate, but only when we keep moving forward, doing what we able to do, and doing it to maximize extent possible and with understanding.


One shouldn’t blindly trust everything that others may try to impose. A person should learn to always see the connection between cause and effect, since only then will they be able to clear all obstacles from their life path!


We live in interesting times when the pseudo-science of modern ideas is incapable of concealing the ignorance that they hide.


“Ignorance”? Some may be surprised. How can one speak of ignorance when the whole world is literally saturated with information about new discoveries, phenomena, hypotheses, theories and their implementation?


First and foremost, let’s have a clear definition of what is meant by information and what is meant by knowledge. Many may immediately object saying this is a waste of time, as it is all the same. The close affinity of these terms can be misleading but if you stop for a second and think a little about the meaning of these two words, just like the meaning of many other words used by us daily, you will be astonished. We have forgotten that every word it’s own meaning and not only a sound. Let us go back to the meaning of the words information and knowledge.


Information is a communication about the things happening in and around us obtained through sensory organs.

Knowledge is comprehension and understanding of what is happening in and around us.

Knowledge is the comprehended and understood information, obtained through sensory organs, about things happening in and around us.


The difference seems insignificant only at the first glance. In fact, the two notions are as different as the sky and the earth.


Unfortunately, modern civilization has accumulated a vast amount of information concerning the events around and inside us, but no comprehension and understanding of the information has taken place. Comprehension and understanding of the information is not a simple task and takes time, patience and, most importantly, the wish to understand and comprehend that which was previously beyond our understanding; to keep moving forward, regardless of stereotypes or assumptions that seem inviolable.


Any rational person will, through the entire course of their life poses themselves questions which society tends to regard as philosophical, i.e. questions without answers.


Questions like - Who are we? How did life originate on our planet? What is the purpose of our life? Why do people die? Why do they get sick? Why do they get old? We also ask many other questions that mankind has been struggling to answer for many centuries and, in spite of a large number of versions and propositions, and nobody, until now, has been able to clearly and logically explain who we as people, really are.


But if questions about being, and the purpose of life, can somehow be pushed to the background, or be answered in our own way so as to simply stop thinking about them, questions that concern health, ageing and death impact us closely every day and every second.

We simply can’t ignore these questions.



What do we know about health, diseases and about the human body in general?


Modern medicine is aware of over 1500 diseases and even more medicines and preparations have been created to attempt to control these. However, we still can’t prevent diseases. We can only relieve symptoms without eliminating the reason itself.

Scientists have reached deep into the cells of the human body at nanodimensional levels but we are still not capable of understanding why our body activates immediately in response to an acute onset of fear or horror, giving us the colossal strength needed to save our lives. Although we do understand that in order for the well-known adrenaline (and the less well-known noradrenaline) to be distributed through our body in the blood system, it takes at least 3-4 seconds or maybe more. If a human waited for such a period of time before taking measures to save his or her life, there would be many more deaths on the Earth.


Scientists around the world are still unable to reveal the mechanisms of human memory, in spite of considerable developments in medicine and related areas of human knowledge. The only thing about which the views of almost all specialists converge is that human memory is not located solely inside the human brain, but is also located somewhere outside the physical human body.

In his research, English biochemist and psychologist, Rupert Sheldrake, advances the hypothesis that “memory is stored in an energy field we are not able to feel”.


The capabilities of modern science don’t allow this to be proved or refuted. Modern science can’t provide us with answers to this or many other questions and this is quite normal, as we are in the process of development and every day find something new and marvellous which was still inexplicable only just yesterday. Not long ago, famous and respected scientists stated that an object that is heavier than air couldn’t fly and would never be able to fly. Modern life proved the opposite and powered flight became the norm, habitual and sometimes even necessary for multitudes of people.


Similar processes are occurring now with such notions as ‘health’ and ‘disease’ and in general with understanding ‘a human being’ as a physical object just as the concept of a ‘physically solid object’ is undergoing considerable changes, because modern science has almost come to the understanding that physical matter is not everything and that there is something more…


Modern science officially recognises the existence of ‘dark matter’ that occupies 90% of our Universe. The remaining 10% is a physically solid substance that can be seen with our sensory organs and examined with the instruments created by us.


Our planet, our bodies, and everything that surrounds us, consists not only of the ‘visible’ one tenth part but also of the remaining 90 percent that forms the ‘dark matter’ or, more accurately, ‘the primary matters’. Our Universe is formed from seven primary matters and a human body just like any other physical object must be considered only as the sum of these seven primary matters, and as a unified whole.


Apart from a physical body, every cell has ‘additional’ bodies that also consist of primary matters and with the right accumulation and redistribution of primary matters in the human organism our physical body can independently fight almost any disease known to modern medicine.


What we are talking about is the key to the understanding of the processes of formation and proper development of the human body, and it is this which explains the reasons for diseases, ageing and even death.


The proper distribution of primary matters directly influences the formation, development and corresponding condition of a person’s physical body. Firstly the flows of primary matters affect the ‘additional’ bodies of person and only later is that influence reflected at the physical level, and accordingly in the person’s health.


With a non-proportional distribution of primary matters, the ‘additional’ human bodies function and develop following another scenario which is far from ideal. In this case a person can be compared with a plant that is not watered enough, because due to various reasons the additional bodies don’t receive enough nutrition for normal functioning.


This malnutrition in turn is reflected in the person’s physical body in all manner of different diseases, allergies and lack of immunity. Of course the physical body and additional bodies of the person obtain a certain quantity of primary matters in the course of daily life otherwise the person’s continued existence would be impossible.


Our acquisition of primary matters occurs due to splitting of physically solid substances (food, water, etc.) in the human body. And if the flows of primary matters in a certain person are distributed in the right way and all his/her additional bodies are well saturated with these flows, such a person will hardly have any health problems, and instead has strong immunity, rarely gets sick, is full of life and energy, both in physical and mental terms.


However, due to many reasons (bad ecology, poor quality or contaminated food products, etc) the amount of primary matters that we obtain from food is often not enough for complete saturation of a person’s additional bodies. The exchange of flows between the additional bodies and the physical body is disturbed, manifesting in the form of numerous diseases, allergies and other illnesses.


A human’s bad habits also influence the distribution of primary matter flows. Heavy elements, which are contained in huge quantities in the smoke of cigarettes, in alcohol and in other narcotic substances, are not completely broken down by our bodies and although we get some primary matters with them, too many wastes remain after such a disintegrative process. The body doesn’t such wastes and tries to get rid of them, which is not that simple.

If there is too much of such wastes, the body is not able to keep up with getting rid of them; slag and various deposits are formed that prevent the human body from functioning normally.


The emotional condition of a person plays a significant role in the distribution of primary matter flows and if, due to a person’s everyday circumstances, negative emotions (for example, fear or stress of any kind) predominate, then the flows of primary matters from the physical body to the additional bodies will diverge in an undesirable direction. The flows will dramatically reduce, or to be more exact, the transmitting channels of these flows will be reduced (narrowed) and the additional bodies won’t obtain the necessary amount of nutrition.


Different organs of the human body have additional bodies of different quality; the more ‘complex’ organs have more ‘complex’ bodies. This is related to the evolutionary development of human organs. More ‘complex’ organs have more ‘tender’ bodies as they accomplish the most important function in a body and if there is a sudden cessation of proper nutrition, some of the additional bodies of such a ‘tender’ organ can totally ‘disconnect themselves’ from nutrition as it is simply not enough for their full functioning. Such a disconnection, apart from concurrent diseases, threatens to lead to the emergence of cancerous tumours.


With a normal distribution of primary matters in the human body all the organs and additional bodies of the organs obtain similar nutrition and similar ‘pressure’ at the ‘upper levels’. When some additional bodies of the cells of some organ or another are disconnected from nutrition, the ‘pressure’ remains the same but the number of ‘levels’ in the given organ (or cells of the organ) becomes less. The ‘pressure’ is obtained from the ‘construction material’ which is contained in the physical cells of the organ and ‘pressure’ starts ‘building’ additional spaces where the excessive pressure can be released. Uncontrolled subdivision of cells begins, i.e. cancer.


A cancerous tumour whose cells are rapidly dividing without any control, deprives a body of the major part of its necessary energy. This leads to all organs and bodily systems of the person not receiving the right amount of energy for normal functioning, resulting in overloading and their rapid destruction.


The reason for cancer is in the destruction of the normal structures of the cells at the level of its additional bodies. That is why a tumour can be removed many times, yet within in five years (when regular substitution of the cells of the damaged organs takes place) the tumour will renew itself again… Because the cause was not yet eliminated, the ‘levels’ are not completely built, the ‘pressure’ still has nowhere to go and it will again build itself additional ‘levels’ at the level of the ‘ground floor’ i.e. in the physical body. Only by restoring of all the ‘levels’ of the cells to the normal structure that is typical for that type of cells, can new tumours be prevented.


Modern science has proved many times that the cells of the physical human body are renewed several times over during the course of a person’s life.


Bone cells renew once every 15 years. All the other types of cells renew more often than that. In other words, the age of cells in a 15-year-old boy and 90-year-old man is the same. But no one can say that the two persons look the same… The point is that the ageing process of a body is related to the disturbed harmony between the physical human body and the additional bodies, but not to the ageing of cells. The speed of evolutionary development of physical and additional human bodies is different. At a certain point in a person’s life the speed of evolutionary development of physical and additional human bodies is the same. This is a period of harmony between the different bodies of the person when his/her intellect and creativity can be manifested to the full extent. In such a state of harmony the movement of the primary matter flows, between various bodies of the person is in maximum equilibrium.


However, over the course of time the speed of development of the additional bodies of the person exceeds that of the physical body. The harmony of movement of the primary matter flows between the bodies is disturbed. When the differences become large, the overflow of primary matters to certain additional bodies of the person is stopped. The ‘nutrition’ for these ‘levels’ is switched off and their development is terminated. Only the ‘lower level’ continues to develop, as its nutrition continues, although to a reduced extent. Cessation of nutrition of the ‘upper levels’ leads to memory loss and degradation of cognitive mechanisms (sometimes it’s said that the person ‘falls into childhood’).


Gradually, the physical body loses its capability to provide all the additional bodies with ‘nutrition’ and physical death takes place when all the additional bodies together are no longer compatible with the physical body. Disturbance of the circulation of primary matters between the additional bodies leads to diseases and ageing, while cessation of circulation of the primary matters between the additional bodies leads to death.


It should be noted that for harmonious development of all bodies of the person, any flows of primary matters of different quality that penetrate through the additional bodies of the person must be in qualitative and quantitative balance with each other.


Now let us say a few words about modern medicines


The principle of action of almost any medicine without exception is based on the fact that these medicines have a suppressive effect on any living organism, both on an infectious agent and on the human body itself. It is held that such poisons, while quickly killing the infectious agents, do only insignificant harm to the body which is able to return very quickly to its normal condition.


Unfortunately an infection, in order to survive, adapts to these poisons very quickly, and so it stops reacting to them. What happens in such a situation? In this situation people simply increase the dosage and concentration of the poison. As soon as the concentration of these medicinal poisons exceeds that which is recommended, the body loses its capability to neutralize their effect on the organs and systems and medicinal poisoning and destruction of the body begins.


As far as the majority of medicines known today are concerned, the concentration that produces a destructive effect on the infecting agent destroys the human body as well. It’s difficult to say which is the lesser of the two evils…


Today we are absolutely sure that in working with (producing an effect on) a physical body only, without influencing other material bodies of the person, the pathological changes will remain in the ‘subtle’ (additional) bodies and in time will be manifested at the physical level.


That is why the era of medicinal treatment in medicine has come to its logical conclusion. Medicine needs to find and adopt other methods to struggle with diseases that could really help a person without producing harm to the body at the same time.


We are all aware of the principle that ‘prevention is better than cure’.


A disease only appears in a body that is weak, due to one or another reason, and in which case the necessary conditions arise for the development of various diseases. Causative agents for disease are always present, just waiting for their time to come. Diseases of large cities, male and female diseases, genetic disorders, mental disturbances, epidemics … all the awful human ailments have the same basic root and one reason; disharmonious development of the physical body and additional bodies of a person, irregular distribution of primary matter flows from the physical human body to the additional bodies and vice versa.


A physical body is just the tip of an iceberg, a mirror of the more complex processes that we can’t yet see because of the imperfections of our sensory organs.

It was precisely to solve these complex tasks that the Bio-informational Adaptive Hardware-Software Complex “SvetL” was created (hereinafter referred to as SvetL Complex) – a device with embedded software on a compact informational carrier and “Psi-field Generator” (Generator of ‘primary matters’) on a silicon chip.


A modern (updated) version of the "SvetL" Complex has been achieved through a fundamentally new development by the "Russian Scientific and Technical Society" which by comparison with previous versions of the “SvetL” Complex has a number of significant improvements:

- Psi-field generator - (Generator of primary matters), which is an integral part of the “SvetL” Complex, mounted on a chip, which is made from specially grown silicon crystal, enabling a manifold increase in the efficiency and capabilities of the Generator mounted on it.

- A new compact design, developed taking into account all the feedback from users of previous versions of the Complex, will simplify its operation, increase reliability and its working effectiveness. The “SvetL” Complex can now be carried with you constantly, and without any inconveniences in its use.

- The software, as part of the “SvetL” Complex is located on a reliable, compact information storage medium inside the Complex, allowing you to "manage" the Program installed in Complex’s Generator and to change the position of the software using any available PC (and in the future - a tablet computer and smart phone).


For working with the “SvetL” Complex, PCs may be used that meet the requirements of the software: any personal computer with a Windows operating system that is available to the user at a particular time. All of this has made it possible to provide the best possible transparency in working with the Complex, and enables independent and correct learning and uptake by the user of all the features of the "SvetL" Complex.


The working principle of the “SvetL” Complex


In accordance with its intended purpose the “SvetL” Complex has a distinct and adjustable health-improving program that helps each person (the Program’s owner) to achieve the desired result. The “SvetL” Complex controls energy flows and produces the necessary influence upon various organs and systems of the human body, determining the suitability and necessity of the given influence.


It is not a simulating, but transformative influence, as damaged cells and tissues are renewed and new, healthy cells, not damaged by any pathology, appear instead of those that were morphologically changed.


The “SvetL” Complex enables these energies to influence the physical human body and as a consequence the physical body transforms and rids itself of pathologies. Physically solid substances (food, water, etc.) are broken down in the human body, and the potential that is released from this process ensures the optimal functioning of a the living body as a whole. All of these processes are “assisted” by the "SvetL" Program.


With pathological changes in the physical body, caused by various infectious agents, or under the external environment’s influence, energy saturation is disturbed and the pathological changes progressively shift to the physical body. As a result, the functions of the entire body are disturbed.


The “SvetL” Complex’s action saturates a person with energy flows but restores the qualitative structure of the bodily systems to a healthy condition. The “SvetL” Complex automatically regulates the accumulated energy flows and distributes them in strict accordance with the current tasks required for the healing the body and maintaining this body state over a long period of time.


If the “SvetL” Complex is used in the right way and if the laws of development and functioning of the human bodily systems are fully understood, it will be possible, not only to successfully fight an infectious agent, but also restore the normal functioning of any organ or body system through healing. Proof of this is the almost four years of application of the Complex by users of the "SvetL" Programs.


The wide range of the Complex’s "work", covering the organization of managed states in the metabolic processes of the cell (formed as the crude similarity in altered habitat), providing energy-information support at the level of state non-inertial energy "power" and much more –all of this is embodied within the "SvetL" Complex.


The nature of diseases


There are many factors that can lead to the development of a disease in a physical body, such as genetic defects, infections and the influence of the external environment. However, the relative weight of these factors is different in every particular case.


Viruses, bacteria and simple micro-organisms that enter a person’s body while it is still in the mother’s womb, or during the postnatal period, are very dangerous. It is impossible to discover many of them by conducting clinical analyses, but they still do their damage and contaminate a human body with toxins (waste products).


As a rule, during the first years of a human life these micro-organisms are not significantly present. Developing inside a body, they multiply and after a time the amount of toxins and poisons produced by them becomes increases, later becoming the reason for the emergence of various chronic diseases.


This is manifested earlier in some people and later in others. It all depends on how powerful the immune system of a person is. Apart from that, unfavourable environmental impacts and toxins that enter the body from the external environment also play a role. Micro-organisms from the spinal fluid are distributed through the lymphatic system at this time and enter different organs and body systems, where they cause pathological changes. Chronic degenerative neuropathology is the result of damage caused by toxins produced by micro-organisms.


Scientists of the Harvard School of Public Health were the first to establish the connection between specific infections, for example genital herpes and the subsequent development of schizophrenia in adults. It was a comprehensive and long-term study that included a collection of blood samples during pregnancy to determine the level of immunoglobulin in the mother and to reveal certain antibodies which are aimed at the identification of perinatal pathogens capable of damaging the brain. Subsequent studies in adolescents found a close interrelation between the increased level of immunoglobulin in a mother during pregnancy and mental diseases in adolescents.


Apart from this, during the course of life a person also acquires new diseases when pathogenic micro-organisms enter the body from the external environment.


Energetic potential is the ‘driver’ of the process of change of the structure of the healed area. Medicinal action produced at the physical level (for example, administration of a tablet or other medicinal preparations) can cause temporary relief, but does not guarantee permanent removal of the problem, as it does not act on the cause of the disease but only its consequences,

Working systematically, the “SvetL” Complex enables changes at the level of cells, organs, tissues, body systems and also at the genetic level. A thoroughly conceived methodology and the precise process of employing the “SvetL” Complex programs transforms the physical human body making a relapse impossible.


Detoxification (complex decontamination of a body)


Every living body produces toxins due to its metabolic (exchange) activity. A healthy body gets rid of the toxins on its own. However, there are billions of contaminating agents in the environment, foodstuffs, and other “pleasurable” substances which are acquired by a person while drinking alcohol, taking drugs and smoking tobacco, which constantly overload us with an unbearable amount of toxins. Removal of these toxins, and the remains of the metabolic activity of micro-organisms which that are often not discovered during analyses, is the first important step in the process of healing. Toxins are released through the urinary system, salivary glands, maxillary sinuses and Eustachian tubes.


The “SvetL” Complex ‘scans’ the condition of its owner’s body and ‘independently choses which excretory channel to activate for the removal of toxins. Removal of toxins usually takes place through the maxillary sinuses, sinuses of the internal ear, then through the nasopharynx and then they enter to gastro-intestinal tract and pass to the outside of the body. Removal of toxins and mucus also occurs through the urinary and lymphatic systems. With the active removal of toxins through sweat, a rash may appear, sometimes at significant sites on the skin. It is very important to avoid overloading the bodily systems, which the “SvetL” Complex in fact, takes into account when working. That is why, if a person’s excretory organs are damaged, the “SvetL” Complex starts working on their restoration as the first priority.


Restoration of the immune system


Every pathological change in a human body alters the homeostasis of an organism i.e. it disturbs the harmonic functioning of all the parts of the physical body. The functioning of every organ and body system is controlled by the brain. It does this through the regulating signals that go from the corresponding section of the brain cortex through the so-called reticular formation (an aggregation of structures in the central sections of the brain), the spinal cord and also through the corresponding nerve of the sympathetic nervous system to reach the corresponding organ or bodily system. Data about the condition and functioning of an organ or bodily system travels from receptors (nerve endings) located in these organs, along the respective parasympathetic nerves, through the spinal cord to arrive at the same reticular formation, where the signals are analysed.


If the received signals correspond to the optimal regime of the functioning of organs and bodily systems, the brain does not interfere with their work. However, if the received signal differs from the optimal, it arrives in the corresponding section of the brain cortex and stimulates this section of the cortex to intensify or weaken the control signal that regulates the functioning of that organ or bodily system. This is the distinctive biological equivalent of a ‘thermostat’ (‘bio-thermostat’).


Disease changes this ‘bio-thermostat’, adjusting it to a level below the optimal one. And even after the restoration of the tissues of organs and bodily systems to the optimal healthy condition, the brain continues sending the changed control signals that were accepted by the body as new norms during the illness. After the person’s immune system has lost a battle with disease, the chronic condition of the disease is perceived by the body as a new norm. In this case the brain will try to return these organs and bodily systems to the stable condition that existed before the change.


The brain reacts to signals originating from the reticular formation. That is why, to avoid a struggle of the person’s brain with positive changes caused by the actions of the “SvetL” Complex, the program corrects the reticular formation and regulates the control signals at a new qualitative level of the brain corresponding to a healthy body.

After this, harmonization of the entire body is launched and the ‘bio-thermostat’ is established at the level that corresponds to the healthy condition of a body.


Regeneration (restoration) of cells


The “SvetL” Complex (due to a special program module) is capable of producing a powerful effect on the characteristics of a certain section of human bodily systems and can influence the structures of the living tissues of a human body.


The “SvetL” Complex acts on the damaged tissues of its user’s body, launching a series of ‘programs’ aimed at the restoration of a healthy structure of the living tissue. For example, if the objective consists of restoring tissues to their healthy state, the “SvetL” Complex first splits and removes the sick (dead) cell and then substitutes it with a healthy one.


In accordance with its program modules the “SvetL” Complex, independently and in coordination with the Brain, establishes a program for creating healthy cells and using its potential, supports the process after the disintegration of the sick cell.


It should also be understood that the abnormal state of the cells of the body of one person may not be mirrored by all abnormal states in another person; i.e. diseases are not stereotyped all its unique proistecheniem!


Consequently, the recovery (healing) should be strictly individualised. This is very important in understanding the operation of the “SvetL” Complex.


Several notes


It is important to understand that the functioning of the “SvetL” Complex in healing the user extends over time, and is not a momentary miraculous healing or energetic supply stimulus, though in some special cases this may is also be possible.


Sometimes even short term application of the “SvetL” Complex can lead to a relatively speedy restoration of a healthy body condition if the user has sufficient genetic flexibility. However, if stabilization of the condition is not provided by correction of the immune system and of control signals of the brain, the system can go back to the initial condition that existed before the “SvetL” Complex was applied. To avoid this it is necessary to carry out preventative support for the body systems and from diseases by using the “SvetL” Complex in accordance with the operation manual.


The owner of the “SvetL” Complex should know that there is an interval of time between the start of the “SvetL” Complex functioning and appearance of changes at the physical level. The effect sometimes appears immediately, but usually within weeks or months before changes become noticeable. One should also bear in mind that during cleansing, the body is overloaded and therefore the patient may feel weakness and mood swings.


It should be noted that if the owner starts using the “SvetL” Complex for healing too late, for example if their body is severely damaged, the majority of vital organs refuse to function and there is not enough time to improve the situation, then the person’s body possesses increased inertia. The changes brought about by the actions of the “SvetL” Complex will be manifested over a longer time interval. In other words, if the restoration speed is significantly less than the speed of the body’s destruction, the “SvetL” Complex will possibly not be able to help the user get rid of the disease but with a high degree of certainty can prolong his or her Life.


However, if the user’s body is able to bear the load level that is necessary for healing and restoration (and this happens in most cases), using the “SvetL” Complex enables the achievement of sustained healing, even in cases of the most serious diseases.




It is not possible to copy or ‘steal’ the Psi-generation technology employed in the “SvetL” Complex. The Psi-field Generator does not require exterior adjustment or testing before commencing its work or during its operation. The duration of the Generator’s operational life depends solely on the length of time for which it was created.


In addition, the Generator has an autonomous learning protection system and will block any attempt to penetrate it. In other words, if someone tries to enter, or attempts to hack the security systems, the Generator can shut down independently, but in order to develop properties and characteristics that will provide a new, higher level of protection. Following the changes that have taken place, activation of the Generator occurs automatically without user intervention.


The Psi-field Generator is functionally similar to a living organism with a fairly high level of artificial intelligence, radically different from those being talked about by today's scientists and modern science in general.


This is the first step in a new science. And not a small step, but significant enough in that MEDICINE will become a science only when it LEARNS what LIFE is, what is The Life Of A Living Cell, and what is the LIFE OF THE FLESH of these living cells.



WE DO NOT UNDERTAKE TREATMENT and we do not use the word "doctor".

We are engaged in human healing, and ‘bringing’ their bodies into proper condition.

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Control is through non-inertial masses (Essence - Soul – Energy-structure) Functions of the System: - to ensure the functioning of Programs; - to carry out continuous monitoring of the functions of the Program; Functions of the Subsystem: - fulfill all requirements of the Program; - respond correctly to all changes occurring during the functioning of the Program Earth Control System (ECS) Planet Earth – an ARTIFICIALLY created (within 10 billion years) structure to ensure the existence of and the development of life. The Earth has its own “computers” and Complexes that make up the Earth Control System (ECS). ECS is a self-developing, Controller of the development and maintenance of life of the Earth System, specially created for our Planetary System. One of the most important functions of the EVS for ensuring the existence of life on Earth is maintaining and generating CADENCES for the life of cells, organs, the whole body, the community of living individuals, the person, and of human society. The cadence sets the heart’s rhythm, and there is no life without the cadence. The CADENCE is transmitted from the sun through the grids of space for all the planets of our star system, and it is the same for all biostructures. On our planet, the CADENCE spreads through a shaping device which is called a COLLIDER. The ECS was created for the development of a PERFECT INTELLECT, for humans on Earth to attain the TRUTH of Consciousness, Reason and Matter. It was decided to achieve this aim on the basis of the Living Cell, with CORRECT development of the Human Brain in specially prepared conditions for life support. Earth Control Systems. The Earth Control System (ECS) - a complex, RATIONAL hierarchical system. The complex of structures, including the Control System, comprises: - Stationary Control Systems. - Mobile Control Systems. - Monitoring the atmospheric composition. - Control complexes - Sea based Objects (UFOs). - Communication systems. - Energy supply systems. - Coordination systems. - Synchronization and Precise Time Systems. - Objects (UFOs). - Pyramids, including pyramids with floating geometry. The average depth at which all structures and objects are located is 4400 meters (below sea level). There are more than 2000 control systems on Earth. The basic brain (matrix) of each individual is stored in the archive of the Control System, and in each cadence interval (1.008 – 1.24 sec), control of an individual’s brain is produced in accordance with the genotype of the human brain with a RECORDING of information. The Control System uses a musical scale to transfer information. Resonant contours of the spine are receivers of information. Each vertebra is a receiver of your tone. Twenty four (24) vertebrae are used (2 octaves) and 8 vertebrae - a command. The main antenna is the TAILBONE. The Control System uses a different music scale to control the Brain: DO (do) RE (ray) MI (me) FA (far) SOL (sol) LA (lya) SI (si) NA (na), the code LALALA (la la la - 666); call signs for the 4XX genotype of the Brain plus a code from the magic square. Control Systems (CS) were created over billions of years with the Earth. The existence of life is impossible without CS. There are 2 types of CS - normal and emergency. The normal CS ensures the existence of the Earth and the Solar system, the existence of the necessary biostructures, the motion of the Solar System to a given point in cosmic space. Control Сomplexes There are a total of 48 Complexes on Earth. 7 Complexes work in a daily cycle (each - 1 day, therefore in a week of 7 days). The rest - as needed. Separately - Control Complexes Objects (UFO) - lifting and landing . All Complexes have inertial and non-inertial (invisible) masses. 1. The Earth Control System - all types of “earthworks” - creation and backfilling, plate movement, formation of the external structure of surfaces and of the layers of the “Noosphere”, and protection of the Earth from extraneous UFOs. The number of Earth CS Land is 18, and their location coordinates and depth are known. Every Earth CS has up to 120 Control Systems. 2. Weather Control System. Provides a set of potentials for all Control Systems through conversion vacuum structures into relevant octave potentials and water. The complex is the largest, located in the north of Tibet (territory of China). 3. The Control System for monitoring biostructures (Kailas, Tibet). Each biostructure has a set of “Chinese” points. Periodic extraction of information followed by analysis and adjustive corrections. The storage of bio-structures. 4. Control System for UFOs. Located in the United States. Functions – provides lifting and landing of objects (UFOs) upon direction of the Main Control System There are 3,672 of them located under the top layer of the Earth. Formation of exit and entry tubes, landing on the bench mark, control of launching and landing, initiation of refueling, etc. Disabled! 5. Planet Control System. The territory of Ethiopia. Communication with satellites of the planets, reception and transmission of information, provision of communication tubes, coordination of time, control of the Solar system’s movement. 6. Brain Control System (Greenland). Implementation of programs, the control of matrices, and of biostructures. 7. Time Control System (South Wales, or “Greenwich”). Synchronization of all Control Systems. After receiving the exact time (from the moon) as per the Khalok system and coordinated with Meton, it sends an accurate accounting of the time to all Control Systems, and for “housewives” (every day users) recalculates it to the time system 24*60*60. The cadence for all biostructures; according to the Khalok system, and for women according to Methon. The main dispatching point of the Earth Control System (Chekhov - Russia) manages all Complexes, Systems, objects, shapes the Programming activities and monitors the correct functioning of the programs. Transmits and receives information from the Moon. 9. Lunar complexes Complexes on the Moon are primarily intended to maintain autonomous life support, and secondly, to ensure life support systems on Earth (in case of excess charge equivalent). All complexes are safely protected and don’t disclose their presence, even when working. 10. Solar Complex It provides a magnetic impulse on command of the Main Control System (City of Chekhov) for starting up programs. The Sun does not have a Control System, and “lives” at the expense of the Earth. If 53 octaves are removed on Earth, the Sun will become an ordinary meteorite. It replenishes the energy structures of our planet with the necessary quantity of magnetic and electric energy particles. 11. Computing Center. It provides for automatic dialing and checks all the necessary inter-relationships in the functioning of the program. Location – Ireland Computers which are located there, will be on the Earth not earlier than the year 2400. 12. Automated elements of the Control System. Base complex - Switzerland “Autopilot” of the Control System - from the moment of introducing ‘winter time’, through to switching to summer time, it performs the functions of the Main Control System. Main Object (UFO "The Carriage of Kings") (nominal type 960) - at a depth of 4,620 m below the copper “badge” on the Red Square in Moscow. The location of the Main Object determines the world’s capital (Third Rome) and the control center of the Earth. All matrices of the brain 42, 44, 46, Moshiach. DISABLED! Emergency Control Systems. Purpose: ensure the functioning of the program work in the event of an emergency affecting any of the Control Systems. To ensure the automatic activation of emergency Control Systems, a system of pyramids (external contour) and a system of internal contours has been constructed. Stationary Monitoring Systems. Structures that provide all types of monitoring with a weekly cadence. The stationary objects have everything needed for the monitoring and the transmission of information. Mobile Monitoring Systems. Designed to monitor the atmosphere and condition of the aquatic environment. Monitoring the state of the atmosphere. Objects (UFO), nominal type 346. A tube is formed at the exit, and the exit is in the form of ball lightning. If necessary, they can materialize with an increase in size of about 124 times. Sea-based objects. Objects (UFO) sea-based, nominal type 444. They have their own bases (only 16 bases). Designed to analyze the marine environment Communication systems Each Complex, object and System has constant communication between itself and the dispatch center. High-frequency communication lines (octave> 84) located at a depth of h <-3,750 m. Separate Complexes are in communication with the satellites of the planets, the Moon, and the Sun. Energy Supply Systems. Each Complex has an extensive system of “batteries” located in series and in parallel relative to the Complex. These Systems have an index of 560 (there are 44 of them on Earth). Example of a chain: The Elbrus complex -> Sofia -> Belaya Tserkov -> Mnevniki (Moscow) Purpose – an energy supply transit to all objects of the System. Coordination systems. Coordination Systems (there are 3 of them on Earth) designed to coordinate Program actions with the satellites of the planets, Synchronization and Precision Time systems. The time countdown is on Meton. The precision time signals are given by the moon, and the receiver-transmission centre - Stonehenge. There is direct communication with the Main Dispatch Centre, the Kailas Complex, and the communication Complex with the satellites of the planets. Ensuring the synchronization of program performance instructions. Sets the cadence for the to Earth's Colliders. Colliders of life. The colliders of the Life Support System are located under the North and South polar circles. They provide the CADENCE which is required for metabolic processes (all people on Earth have about the same heartbeat). Pyramids. All pyramids are hidden from observation. Pyramids and ramps are on top - for initial orientation. The role of pyramids - energy supply all k-structures, provided by the Earth. The number of pyramids is huge – in total, there are about 4,372 of them on Earth. They are not only under the Earth’ surface, but also in the oceans. SAFETY EQUIPMENT Any attempt to drill or otherwise approach the facilities and Complexes of the Control System will have fatal consequences for those making such an attempt. Prophecies and Forecasts To prevent uncontrolled disorder and chaos, the Control System makes a recording of the Program for those who have all the capabilities to receive information at this time. A 1,200-year Program was recorded for representatives of the Maya tribe (the ANDA Complex), the Program was completed in 2012. A part of this Program, they recorded a 500-year program for Nostradamus, as part of this Program, completed in the year 2000. A 100-year Program was recorded in 1888 which was 100% completed. The articulation of these Programs gives all the appearance of being a “prophecy.” Similar “prophecies” were recorded in the framework of the 100-year Program, and for Arthur Clarke was recorded before the year 2,100. Some individuals received records that were supposed to occur in a few days. Today, this practice is DISCONTINUED . Nostradamus @ K0 The 500-year program was recorded in the brain and then transformed into a poetic form. Nostradamus is not a forecaster, but a translator of information, without a feedback loop. In 1898, during the transfer of “Protocols the Elders of Zion,” the name of the new“ Nostradamus ” had was not yet announced. Since there is no feedback loop, there is no monitoring or control over the sequence of events. Information is recorded at birth and is activated at the time of maximum energy metabolism (usually in youth). Information about man-made disasters which will occur in 2-10 days is downloaded to robots in a stop-start mode. This has no connection to communication with the Control System. Vanga effect - connection with attached Essence and removing information from whomever asks questions. After the launch of a new program - constant communication with the Control System and obtaining information on any issue, regardless of time and location (applies only to owners of matrices). Since the Control System has completely switched to the Russian language since 2007, it no longer accepts texts (complaints, requests, etc.) in other languages - only in Russian (grammatically correct). English, Arabic and other languages are used for commercial purposes (market dealings). Be aware that pronunciation, especially the letter “R” should be correct, and the text; without bleating, and without interjections and breathing sounds. On 24 April 2011, the act of changing the ‘Systemic power’ was completed; this means the elimination of the alien intervention of the Earth. (which continued for the previous 18,000 years) People have been given the opportunity to refocus on a new Design of another organized way of life, with a different goal orientation, and to be recognized as a more highly developed true reality from the outside, and already as a recreated Humanity. Main directions of the Transition period: - reconstruction of the former (before the interventional) complex harmony of the controlled existence of base energies in its true (dodecahedral) construction, within the levels from 12 up to 512 octaves inclusive, of those existing in both material and non-material States.- elimination of alien cubic energy structures in the range from 15 to 128 octaves. - complete resuscitation of the true Complexes of the Control System of the existence of base energies (dodecahedral structure). - recreation of the Human by changing the full set of conditions of life support. - recreation of the whole complex of control states, connected with the development of the true program Civilization of the Earth, taking into account the mandatory pre-emptive accelerated creation. Complexes and Objects of the native Control System are being restored and are working at the present time (Altai, Tyumen, Ural, etc.) Many Complexes and Objects of the interventional control system have been reprogrammed and are being used by the true Control System. Literature used: 1. A. M. Khatibov (Scientific Research Institute "Centre for Proactive Strategies") - Management principles 2. A. M. Khatibov (Scientific Research Institute "Centre for Proactive Strategies") - Management Systems on Earth. 3. A. M. Khatibov (Scientific Research Institute "Centre for Proactive Strategies") - Glossary Directory" 4. Research Institute Centre for Proactive Strategies "Appeal for the future” 5. F.D. Shkrudnev "Svetl Broom" in A. Khatybov's "Bath School" For more information useful links: 1. Scientific Research Institute "Center for Proactive Strategies" http://www.salvatorem.ru 2. "Russian Scientific - Technical Society" http://rnto.club ; https://shkrudnev.com https://www.lifegenerator.life 3. Compilations of New Knowledge https://www.cbornik.com Schematic diagram for transferring the biostructure cadence The path of the magnetic pulse 8640000 meridians Lattices of the atmosphere Communication connection tubes Earth cadence colliders Meridians The Brain (Essence, Spirit) of a Human The Cadence, one for all biostructures, is transmitted from the Sun to all the planets of our star system. The Cadence is transmitted to 8640000 meridians in the atmospheric lattice through colliders located under the North polar and South polar circles of the Earth (each has 12 underground pyramids). The cadence passes from the atmosphere lattices through communication connection tubes into the human Brain (Essence), where it is converted into an individual cadence (from 1.008 - 1.24 s.) according to the genotype of the Human Brain. Numbering of the vertebras in accordance with their application: DO Resonator RE Tuning (lower jaw) MI Communication control (cerebellum) FA Communication node. SOL Synchronization node. LA "Traffic light" node for the magnetic pulse (MI) SI Traffic (Motion) coordination node. NA Eyes (end of the world). When reaching the potential of MI 2% of the norm - the blockage of the magnetic pulse). The basis of a musical series - the English system. A total of 32 vertebra corresponds to the 2x (7 + 5) musical range of the information part and 8 (DO-RE) of the control system. Numbering according to medical application: (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral) The breakdown corresponds to the pentagram, the seven-candle holder and the scale of one octave (all shifted). The electric potential of the gravitational frequency of the vertebral retention is 33.500. Magnetic impulse for the control of organs 39.5000-55.5000. «Horse tail» spinal ЧЕХОВ CHEKHOV АВСТРАЛИЯ AUSTRALIA ВЕЛИКИЕ ОЗЕРА GREAT LAKES КАЙЛАС MOUNT KAILAS КИТАЙ, ТИБЕТ CHINA,TIBET ЭФИОПИЯ ETHIOPIA МОСКВА 960 MOSCOW 960 ВЕЛИКИЕ ПИРАМИДЫ GREAT PYRAMIDS АНТАРКТИДА ANTARCTIC CONTINENT СИСТЕМА КОМПЛЕКСОВ SYSTEM COMPLEXES БЕРМУДЫ ЦЕНТР BERMUDA CENTRE УРАЛ URALS ПЕРУ PERU КАВКАЗ CAUCASUS АЛЬПЫ ALPS КАЛИФОРНИЯ CALIFORNIA ЭЛЬБРУС ELBRUS АНДЫ ANDES КАЗБЕК KAZBEK АРАРАТ ARARAT МОНБЛАН MONT BLANC САРАЕВО SARAJEVO ОБЪЕКТЫ НЛО OBJECTS (UFOs) БАЙКАЛ LAKE BAIKAL ЭСКОРТ ESCORT ВЫЧИСЛИТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЦЕНТР COMPUTER CENTRE ГРЕНЛАНДИЯ GREENLAND Preserving memory in the matrix (archive) LATTICE OF THE ATMOSPHERE The passage of the pulse through the lattice of the atmosphere Kailas control complex The transmission tube connecting the human Brain with the lattice of the atmosphere At a depth of 1,270 meters The matrix (archive of the memory) The external appearance is that of ball lightning, with a set of more than 17 thousand frequencies The recording events in the matrix - every 0.1 seconds Two-way communication; disruption of the work of any section leads, at the very least, to a loss of memory (only for matrix type biostructures) Kailas has a connection to all structures on Earth, range 12 – 512. Land Code - 512. DNA is a structure that stores all necessary information on the matrix.
  • The Earth comes into its natural controlled states after the Control System change (2011.04.24) and is getting free of the former external interventionist control dependence, bringing itself and its program states of harmony development into its true nature, implementing its rehabilitation into its former states at high rates. But most importantly, it is bringing all the true and native Control Complexes into their effective controlling physical state! And all this is already being performed within the framework of the Transitional period (12 years), and not somewhere in the distant future! Everything is happening before our eyes. And one of these elements we will have to go through from January 17 to January 21, 2019. Very superficially we are just beginning to touch the new facets of the true values in our present state of Consciousness and the level of Knowledge, but this amazes our understanding of the reality of the ongoing events taking place around us. We should not be afraid of and frightened with, and even more so - argue in the kitchen and in social networks, what poor life we live and who is to blame for this (we have been already well aware of these kind of people). We HAVE TO GO FORWARD AND GET TO KNOW, because all this is directly related to the re-creation of Man and the Life Support System on our Earth. But now the Earth, under the outside control, is only reconstituting its two true Control Complexes - Altai-1, Altai-2. and recently “awakened the Ural Complex, with its“ “unfolding” ”periphery, to which Vyborg Complex, as one of the components in the North West, relates. As a cosmophysical process for the recreation of the true conditions of the Earth civilization development, this is quite enough to ensure the current level of energy-information support of the true control processes with the executing activities of people and their social Consciousness formation, changes in their being for the Transition period and so on. Of course, the “Mirrors” of the Control Complexes are extraordinary important, but today, they are not the only means of transmission for providing energy-information support for the being of all living on our planet. In addition to Mirrors, other means of translation and support, such as the star of our Solar System (the Sun) with all its system objects for generating and transmitting “energy-information” flows (as part of the magnetic energy flows from the Sun, but with specific parameters and special velocity characteristics of matter flows as they move to the Earth), as well as the stars of other stellar Systems participating by their controlling influence of the transmitted flows with their specific “energy-information” (with its own special set of parameters and joyful star twinkling, pleasing astronomers) at this stage of the Earth’s civilization development (the entire group of Sirius Civilization with all their stellar Systems, their generating objects and all sorts of special planetary translators); stellar Pulsars , as generating devices for bringing energies in their non-inertial and inertial states to such a gravitational complex implementation of the control influence under which at all possible levels there formed conditions for converting matter of electric and magnetic energies into the substance, imparting it a specifically expressed functional constructive form of the bodies (for people, through interaction with their Brain, with all the resulting consequences); the Earth re-translators of the Control Complexes with a part of the Atmosphere grating (in certain episodes supporting both human and all the living being); FRESH WATER, as the most capacious on the Earth storage and repository of the incoming or generated on the Earth "energy-information". But I will tell you about it later both in the articles and the book. That's the way, the world is getting so much more interesting right before our eyes, in addition to the songs of the morning nightingales and amazing changes in the cost of oil and housing and public utilities! Now, the cosmophysical process itself, related to the formation of the COLLECTIVE PATTERN OF CONNECTING THE BRAIN NEURONS of people (individuals) involved in executing processes under the influencing control of the gravitational character using the energy substance “energy-information” as the material information repository of the reality surrounding us now - is the basic foundation for the public Consciousness formation, as a kind of universal scenario of joint actions, realized in the past, present and future, and perceived as a temporary single image of the concepts about the events of the collective perception of it in today's present. And all together - it is a complex cosmophysical process of the real, being accomplished at the given moment programmatically planned implementation of something in the future, carrying in itself the true physics of the fields for its implementation. I want to note here the importance of the fact that without the Pulsars of the stellar level of dimensional scale, all of the above is impossible to be implemented at all! Especially with regard to the transition from non-being to being (Lao Qi: "All Existing is arisen from being. And being - from non-being"). I decided to write this clarification to what is happening today, after the long-awaited continuation of the information from the “Constructive Theory of Everything” published on the website of the Research Institute of the CPS http://www.salvatorem.ru/?page_id=3734 and my conversation with the author, B Makov so that people would be ready for the process, which WILL START TO SHOW from January 17, 2019. And now – to the point, and some recommendations, which you can accept, or not accept - this is up to everyone who has read the information. On January 19, there begin to work simultaneously 64 Stellar Pulsars (such an event has never happened before!) in the Sirius Civilization group). This is the most complex process of transforming the life support system on our Earth. Everyone and everything will be subject to this process! This especially concerns fresh water, as the most capacious of the coming and here on the Earth generated “energy –information” repository, as well as the Brain of people, in the formation of new neuron connection patterns or the destruction of the existing patterns. The peak of this process is from January 19 (time 23.15) to January 20 (time 04.00). There might happen anything, and not only to the health of people. All the water on the Earth) acquires a completely different format of its construction, including the form of the energy grating. This will bring a lot of changes, in people too - especially the Brain. Another thing is what Brain can withstand ... (I do not frighten, but just state). The “SvetL” Complex, in all its versions, will “ease” possible disorders related to people's health, but not as much as it does daily. And this is an objective process, which will become clear from the above. Simple prescription that is desirable to follow, regardless of whether you are a user of the “SvetL” complex or not: - do not panic, whatever is happening to you, and try, doing your best to endure this (putting it mildly) possible discomfort - most effective are garlic and honey. Chop a clove of garlic. Mix with a teaspoon of good (!) honey and eat, washed down with water (preferably from “SvetL”), or spring water. But not boiled or botanized. And do the same in the morning and in the evening (before or after eating - does not matter!). Honey and garlic - is the protection and adaptation of your vessels (their elasticity) and blood to what is happening. Water is a retranslator and at the same time a regulator of information that will flow both into the Brain and through the Brain into all the flesh cells, both healthy and sick ones. I recommend you should start from the moment of reading this information and follow this prescription until the end of the month, and those who wish can go on for another month and then take a break for a month in which to decide on the continuation of using this remedy. I wish you all success and optimism! F. Shkrudnev 14.01. 2019 1.Since 1967 there nave been discovered and observed only 700 Pulsars in the structure of our galaxy. A “pulsar” is a Construct in the form of an external stellate triandasioahedron, as a generating device for bringing energies in their non-inertial and inertial state to such a gravitational complex implementation of control influence, in which control conditions for the supply of matter and electricity are formed at all possible levels of dimensional scale. magnetic energy into matter, giving it, in consequence, a specifically expressed functional structural form of bodies, leading their interaction to be controlled with the state of being of the Existing from the pre-atomic to the mega-level dimensional scale, up to the constructive scales of the whole of Universe. Pulsars can be galactic, stellar and less formations. Here we are talking about stellar pulsars, within the entire group of Sirius Civilization, with all their stellar systems.
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